Study Guide

Thérèse Raquin Chapter 9

By Émile Zola

Chapter 9

  • One afternoon, Laurent is about to sneak away from work to see Thérèse. But his boss tells him that he will be fired if he keeps taking time off.  
  • This throws a huge wrench into Laurent and Thérèse's regularly planned meetings. Now that Laurent can no longer leave the office, the lovers become desperate to see each other. 
  • After about a fortnight of no lovin', Thérèse sneaks off to see Laurent, under cover of a lie that she has to visit a customer.  
  • Lots of sex. 
  • Then, of course Laurent and Thérèse talk about how they wish Camille were dead. 
  • After Thérèse leaves, Laurent's mind drifts to thoughts of murder. He cannot stand being separated from Thérèse, and like any idiot in a book or movie, he thinks killing Camille will solve all of his problems. 
  • Laurent falls asleep chanting to himself, "I shall kill him, I shall kill him."