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A Beautiful Mind Director

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Ron Howard

Few living directors have had a Hollywood career as long as Ron Howard's—full stop. He's been either on camera or behind the camera for…well, for his entire life. We know the average Shmooper probably isn't super familiar with 1960s television shows, but that's where Ron Howard got his start as a kid, playing a character named Opie.

He's come a long way since then, of course. Now he does directing and writing in addition to the occasional acting gig (watch Arrested Development? Then you'd know him as the hilarious narrator). In fact, he's even won Oscars for his behind-the-camera activities with—yes, you guessed it—A Beautiful Mind.

People still call him "Opie" from time to time, of course—but with tons of blockbusters and respected films under his belt, Howard definitely managed to avoid the whole "tragic former kid actor" thing that sometimes plagues youngsters in Hollywood once they stop being youngstery.

And thanks to him, we got a beautiful movie in the form of A Beautiful Mind.

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