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A Beautiful Mind Scenes 21-25

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Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

Scene 21

  • Back at work, John is going over articles in a circle around him, and seems to be seeing something odd in them.
  • He produces a report, seals it, and marks it classified.

Scene 22

  • John goes to his drop site, enters the code on his arm into the keypad, and leaves the report in the mailbox.
  • He seems kind of spooked by the whole experience.

Scene 23

  • John and Alicia are hanging out, and she remarks that he doesn't talk much.
  • John responds that he isn't super great at interacting with people and sometimes says the wrong thing.
  • She says to try her, and he tells her he wants to have sex with her. Her response is to kiss him.
  • Well, it looks like he's found the right woman.

Scene 24

  • A child comes and talks to John as he's working outside, asking what he's doing.
  • As it turns out, the kid is Charles' niece.
  • Apparently, Charles' sister died and left him with the child.
  • John and Charles catch up, and John wants Charles' opinion on whether he should marry Alicia.

Scene 25

  • John meets Alicia at a restaurant. Apparently, he's quite late…and it looks like he does this to her quite often.
  • He wishes her a happy birthday. Yikes, dude, really?
  • He gives her a prism that allows her to see any possible color within it. She's obviously annoyed, but since the gift actually proves that he was listening to her talk about her interests on their first date, she mellows a bit.
  • Instead of sitting down, John continues to stand next to Alicia, looking nervous, and then kneels. Whoa, here we go…
  • …well, not so fast. He wants Alicia to come up with some kind of verifiable proof or data that they should make a long-term commitment.
  • She gets him to see that, like the universe, there are just certain things you need to trust are there.
  • But she also basically tells him not to get ahead of himself—how does he know she wants to marry him?

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