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A Beautiful Mind Scenes 26-30

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Scenes 26-30

Scenes 26-30

Scene 26

  • Oh look, they are getting married—guess she did want to marry him.
  • As John exits the church, he sees Parcher staring at him from a car.

Scene 27

  • It's October 1954, and John is making another report drop.
  • Parcher drives up and demands that John get in the car, saying that someone is following them and the "drop" has been "compromised."
  • Someone is shooting at their car and continuing to chase them.
  • Parcher tries to give John a gun to use to defend himself, but John isn't having it. Parcher continues to drive while shooting their attackers.
  • Finally, the sequence ends, and the attackers drive off directly into the water. Did we turn on a James Bond movie by mistake?

Scene 28

  • John goes home, and he's clearly really shaken up.
  • Alicia has been worried, since he's super-late.
  • She tries to get John to talk about why he's so agitated, but he locks himself in another room.
  • He won't let her in, even though she's pounding on the door trying.

Scene 29

  • John is staring out a window, super nervous.
  • We then see that he's actually in the middle of class, and his students are staring at him. Naturally, they're pretty curious why John is acting so squirrelly and weird.
  • John leaves.
  • Outside his office, John runs into Parcher.
  • John tells Parcher that this is not what he signed up for. Parcher says he understands.
  • However, when they go into John's office to talk, Parcher tries to get John to stay the course, since they're super close to finding "the bomb."
  • John says that circumstances have changed because Alicia is pregnant.
  • John wants to quit, but Parcher is all "suck it up, buttercup" in his attitude.
  • He tells John that, if he quits, Parcher will rat John out to the Russians as having worked for them. Which sounds more dangerous than just continuing to work for the DoD, we suppose.
  • John is mad, and chases Parcher as he storms out.

Scene 30

  • Back at home, John is staying up late keeping watch at the window.
  • He sees Parcher out there.
  • Then Alicia comes in and tries to turn on the light, and John freaks out.
  • He wants Alicia to go to her sister's, saying he'll explain later.

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