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A Beautiful Mind Scenes 36-40

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Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

Scene 36

  • Back in the ward, a nurse is issuing a "code red." Hmm, that can't be anything good.
  • Yikes, we see that John has dug up his wrist looking for that implanted number. It's "gone." Fancy that.

Scene 37

  • The doctors are strapping John into a bed, preparing him for electroshock therapy as Alicia and Dr. Rosen watch.
  • Well, until Alicia can't anymore. And we can't blame her—it looks pretty unpleasant.

Scene 38

  • We zoom forward to a year later, and Alicia is talking to Sol as they stroll the Princeton grounds with John and Alicia's baby.
  • Apparently, John's delusions are gone, and they are trying to manage John's illness with medication. Well, that's some good news, right?

Scene 39

  • Alicia brings Sol back to the house to see John. Apparently, John is working on something to wow his way back into academic life…but it's tough, with being on medication.
  • Sol tries to convince John that there's more to life than work, but John isn't convinced.

Scene 40

  • John holds his baby, looking zonked out, while the child screams. Alicia finally comes to comfort the child.
  • Alicia and John talk in the kitchen later, and John mulls what to do with his time.
  • Alicia suggests getting his booty out of the house and talking to other people.
  • John goes out with the trash, and Alicia hears him talking to someone.
  • She's clearly convinced it's a delusion, but it turns out to be real, and they have a giggle about it.

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