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A Clockwork Orange Dr. Brodsky and Dr. Branom (Carl Duering and Madge Ryan)

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Dr. Brodsky and Dr. Branom (Carl Duering and Madge Ryan)

Doctor Doctor

Dr. Brodsky is the pioneer of the Ludovico technique. He has only one scene, where he coldly dismisses Alex's protest against Beethoven being used in the videos. Dr. Branom is Brodsky's assistant. She's interesting because she's a female doctor in a movie with very few female characters who aren't…raped and killed.

However, even though she is also a doctor, she is merely Brodsky's assistant, even though she does most of the work.

After the music incident, though, she seems to disapprove of the technique. Although she never voices her opinion, she has a disapproving look on her face during future experiments. It's up to you to decide whether she is questioning the morality of the technique, or whether she just has Resting B-Face (that's Resting Bea Arthur Face).

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