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A Clockwork Orange Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The movie opens with a happy scene—sunshine, rainbows, flute tunes.
  • Just kidding. It's a solid red screen with really unsettling music.
  • Now the screen is blue.
  • Now it's red again.
  • Now we see Alex, staring at us with fierce blue eyes, one of them done up with fancy eyelashes.
  • He's drinking milk, with a friend on each side. And the table, which he has his feet propped up on, is made to look like naked women.
  • He introduces his friends as "droogs": Pete, Georgie, and Dim.
  • He says the milk has a special chemical in it, which gets them ready for some "ultra-violence."
  • We cut to a drunk man lying under a bridge and singing loudly.
  • Alex and his droogs walk up and beat the man. Oh, come on: his singing wasn't that bad.

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