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A Clockwork Orange Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Dr. Brannon tells Alex the treatment is going well. Today, he will undergo two video sessions.
  • Alex says he never used to feel sick. It used to be that images of violence and rape made him feel good.
  • Dr. Brannon says that Alex's feeling bad is a sign of him becoming healthier.
  • Today's films include Nazi marches, paratroopers diving out of planes, tanks blowing up buildings, and cities burning. This is definitely not a Disney marathon.
  • While the violence is on the screen, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony plays.
  • Alex screams. He begs them to stop. "It's a sin! It's a sin! It's a sin!"
  • He says Ludwig van Beethoven shouldn't be used like this.
  • The doc says sorry: this is for his own good.
  • Alex swears he's cured and he's learned his lesson, but the doctor doesn't believe him.

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