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A Clockwork Orange Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • With no home and no money, Alex wanders through the rain until he finds a house with a light-up sign that says "Home."
  • He doesn't realize he has been there before.
  • He rings the doorbell and, in a scene that mimics the one from earlier in the movie, the writer at his desk asks who on earth it could be.
  • Except instead of his wife, a buff man lifting weights answers the door.
  • Alex falls into the hallway, wet and covered in blood.
  • The bodybuilder picks him up and carries him into the living room, where the writer waits in his wheelchair.
  • The writer looks at Alex sympathetically, not recognizing him, but Alex recognizes him.
  • Alex blames his injuries on police brutality.
  • Suddenly, the writer, Frank, shouts "I know you!"
  • He recognizes Alex not from raping his wife a few years ago, but as the "victim" of the Ludovico technique, which he read about in the paper.
  • He tells Julian, the bodybuilder, to take Alex to the bath.

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