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A Clockwork Orange Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Alex relaxes in the bathtub, humming.
  • Alex sings louder and louder. He's singin' in the bathtub…and he's singin' "Singin' in the Rain."
  • Which is the same song he sang when he raped the writer's wife.
  • Frank, the writer, recognizes the song, but doesn't do anything other than make some crazy faces to himself.
  • Later, Alex sits in a bathrobe eating spaghetti.
  • Julien carries Frank in his wheelchair into the dining area.
  • Frank and Julian sit on either side of Alex as he forks spaghetti into his mouth.
  • They stare at him as he drinks wine, making him increasingly more nervous.
  • Suddenly the writer mentions his wife, and that she's dead.
  • She died after being raped and assaulted by hoodlums, which also left him in a wheelchair.
  • The writer clings to Alex, and says he called some friends to help him.
  • Ah, the doorbell. Here they are. Julian goes to get the door. Who could it be now?

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