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A Clockwork Orange Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • A man and a woman who don't have names enter the dining room.
  • The man says he is interested in Alex's case.
  • Ms. No-Name asks Alex if he's been conditioned against music.
  • He says he's only conditioned to Beethoven, and when he hears it, it makes him miserable.
  • He says he feels that any second something terrible will happen to him, and then he passes out face first into the pasta.
  • The man says, "Well done, Frank," and sends Julian to fetch the car.
  • Alex wakes up in a bedroom and Beethoven is blaring, making Alex violently ill.
  • Alex screams and stamps on the floor, yelling "Turn it off!"
  • The writer and his friends sit downstairs, listening to Alex scream, and do nothing.
  • Alex bangs his head against the floor, trying to shut out the sound of the music.
  • He realizes he must kill himself.
  • He forces open a window and dives out onto the paving stones below.

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