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A Clockwork Orange Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Dr. Taylor, a purple-haired psychiatrist, visits Alex in bed for a slideshow.
  • Alex says he has been having a recurring dream: that doctors were messing with his brain while he was unconscious.
  • Dr. Taylor says that's just a silly dream. "All part of the recovery process."
  • She begins the slideshow, where Alex is to say what the other person in the cartoon would say.
  • "You sold me a crummy watch. I want my money back," one cartoon says.
  • "Stick it up your arse!" Alex laughs.
  • The doctor seems satisfied by Alex's responses.
  • One day, Alex has a special visitor.
  • It's the Minister.
  • He apologizes for the cure that went wrong.
  • He says they never wished him harm, and they will continue looking after his treatment.
  • He also says they "put away" the writer for wanting to do harm to Alex.
  • They'll make sure Alex has a good job and good salary when he is healed.
  • The Minster will appreciate Alex's help, because this whole incident has turned public opinion against the government.
  • But Alex can change the public's opinion.
  • Alex says the Minister can rely on him.
  • Before the Minister leaves, he tells Alex he has arranged a little musical surprise for him.
  • "An understanding between two friends."
  • Giant speakers are rolled in playing Beethoven, and the press rushes in to photograph Alex shaking the Minister's hand.
  • Alex isn't sick listening to music. In fact, he imagines himself having sex with a woman as people who are dressed as if they're at a wedding watch them.
  • "I was cured all right," he says.
  • The end.

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