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A Clockwork Orange Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • At the milk bar, Alex listens as a woman at a nearby table sings Beethoven.
  • His friend Dim makes a fart noise during the song, and Alex, who is not offended by rape, is offended by this and whacks his friend with his cane.
  • "Yarbles!" his friend says. Uh-oh. Them's fightin' words.
  • But Dim doesn't press Alex, who is ready for a fight.
  • Alex walks home to his apartment, where he lives with his parents.
  • He removes his eyelashes, puts his watch and cash in a drawer filled with watches and cash, and pets his snake. (Not a euphemism. He has a pet snake.)
  • He plays a cassette tape of Beethoven, as the camera shows us a few dancing Jesus statues he owns.
  • Alex "slooshies" while picturing himself as a vampire, imagining explosions and men dressed as women being hanged. Typical teen boy fantasies.

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