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A Clockwork Orange Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • The four boys go eat lunch as if they didn't just get into a giant fight in the river.
  • Alex is satisfied that he has reclaimed his leadership position.
  • Georgie tells Alex about their plan for the night.
  • They plan to rob a woman's house. She seems to live by herself, with jewelry and a lot of cats.
  • That night they bang on the woman's door and do the ol' "There's been a terrible accident" routine.
  • She tells them to go a mile down the road and use the phone at the pub.
  • Alex walks away and prowls with his friends around the back of the huge house.
  • With Dim as a booster, Alex climbs through a high window.
  • While he's climbing, the woman calls the police and reports the odd knock at her door.
  • They say they'll send a patrol car.
  • As soon as she hangs up the phone, Alex comes into her room.
  • He plays with the giant phallic statue ("a very important work of art") on a nearby table as he talks to her.
  • He says he's just selling magazines for school.
  • She charges him with a statue, but Alex fends her off with the giant phallus.
  • He knocks the woman down and smashes her face with phallus, presumably killing her.
  • Police sirens wail outside and Alex flees the house.
  • But Dim hits him in the face with a milk bottle and leaves him on the doorstep for the police to find and arrest him.

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