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A Clockwork Orange Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • In jail, Alex refuses to talk until his lawyer arrives. (But he's telling them this, so he's talking, defeating the whole purpose of saying he won't talk.)
  • He burps in one of the officer's faces, and the officer pokes Alex in his broken nose.
  • So Alex grabs the man's crotch, and all the officers scuffle with him.
  • Weird Mr. Deltoid, Alex's "post-corrective adviser" shows up and joins them in the interrogation room with Alex, who is bleeding on the floor.
  • Alex swears he's not that bad. It was his friends' idea! They forced him!
  • The cops' response is basically, "Hahaha. Yeah right, bro."
  • Alex is told that the woman died. He's officially a murderer.
  • Mr. Deltoid spits in Alex's face.
  • In a voiceover, Alex tells us he was sentenced to fourteen years in H.M. Prison Parkmoor.
  • He is given prison number 655321. That's an easy number to remember.
  • Alex must empty his pockets, undress, and undergo a cavity search. Eeek.

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