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Aladdin Abu (Frank Welker)

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Abu (Frank Welker)

Every hero needs a sidekick, right? That's where Abu comes in.

Sure, it's a little sad that Aladdin doesn't have any human friends, but this is one pet monkey that's pretty handy in a pinch. Abu is the one who comes in to free Aladdin from the dungeon. He also manages to snag the lamp away from the old man right before he and Aladdin get trapped inside the Cave of Wonders:

ALADDIN: We're trapped. That two faced son-of-a-jackal! Whoever he was, he's long gone with that lamp.

ABU: Aha!

ALADDIN: Why, you hairy little thief!

Can you say good timing?

Okay, but Abu's sticky paws aren't always an asset for Aladdin: this little monkey can be downright greedy at times. When Aladdin is trying to rescue Jasmine in the marketplace, for example, it's Abu who gives away their lie by pickpocketing everyone. And, of course, this grabby monkey just can't keep his hands off the treasures in the Cave of Wonders. That becomes an issue when the floor turns to lava and almost kills both of them.


In many ways, Abu is like Aladdin. He has his flaws, but he's got a good heart, and he always comes through in a tough spot. He's endlessly loyal to his friends, and he can always be counted on to do the right thing—even if it takes him a while to figure out what that is.

We salute you Abu. Just try to lay off the giant forbidden rubies, okay?

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