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Aladdin Magic Carpet

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Magic Carpet

Carpet might not have any lines (rugs can have cords but not vocal chords, apparently), but that doesn't mean this sentient floor decor doesn't have a whole lot of personality.

Aladdin and Abu run into Carpet while they're searching the Cave of Wonders for the lamp. Carpet is shy at first, but then it shows our heroes the way to the lamp and tries to stop Abu from grabbing the jewel that turns the entire cave floor into lava. Carpet's always there as a wingman for Aladdin, too.

Although Carpet gets unraveled by Jafar in the final battle scene, it comes back to life once the villain is vanquished.

Carpet may be the handiest friend and plot device possible. Need to escape a flow of lava in the Cave of Wonders? Call Carpet. Moonlight flight with your sweetheart? That's 1-800-Carpet. Got rocketed to Outer Mongolia by the bad guy? It's Carpet to the rescue. Seriously, best sidekick ever.

(Sorry, Abu.)

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