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Aladdin Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • Our film starts with a man travelling on camelback‚Ķand with a song. Hey, it is a Disney movie, after all.
  • This little tune is called "Arabian Nights," and it's all about how living in the desert settlements of Arabia can be a little rough at times. But it's home sweet home, anyway.
  • Our friend on the camel turns out to be a merchant from the town of Agrabah who'd like to sell us some goodies. Eh, not interested, buddy.
  • Ah, but would we be interested in a story?
  • It's a good story. It's about a lamp.
  • Hey, the lamp might not look like much, but it once belonged to a boy who used it to change his destiny.
  • Okay, we're gonna pop some popcorn and stay with this tale for a while.

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