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Aladdin Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • At the entrance to the Cave of Wonders, the giant tiger head lets Aladdin go on through. But the tiger head tells our hero not to touch anything but the lamp.
  • The old man tells Aladdin to go ahead and bring the lamp up first; then he'll get his reward. Oh, don't fall for it, Aladdin.
  • Inside the cave, there are stacks of coins and jewels and treasures. Abu really wants to start filling his pockets, but Aladdin reminds him it's all looking and no touching until they find the lamp.
  • As he's walking through the cave, Abu does run into one strange sight—a magic carpet. It flies through the air and wants to be friends.
  • Hey, this thing could be handy. Aladdin asks it where the lamp might be. Carpet shows them to way to a deep dark spot inside in the cave.
  • At the top of a very tall staircase, there it is—the lamp.
  • Aladdin climbs the stairs and grabs the lamp. This thing doesn't look so fancy. Wonder what all the fuss is about…
  • Just then, Abu grabs a big shiny ruby for himself. Hey, the little guy just can't help it.
  • But it's not a great move. The Cave of Wonders starts to turn to molten hot lava and crumble to pieces.
  • Luckily, Aladdin has that magic carpet to fly away on. He and Abu manage to duck and dodge their way back to the entrance of the cave.
  • But just as they're about to fly out of the cave, a huge rock smashes Carpet right out from under Aladdin and Abu.
  • Aladdin holds on for dear life and calls to the old man to help pull him up out of the cave. Ah, but the tricky old guy wants the lamp first.
  • As soon as the old man gets his evil fingers on that lamp and celebrates his horrible victory, he gives Aladdin his reward—by attempting to stab him with a knife.
  • Naturally, Abu rushes up and bites the old man in the arm.
  • Aladdin and Abu are falling down into the Cave of Wonders, but, luckily, Carpet is able to wiggle free from the rock that crushed it. It soars up and catches them just before they land in a splat on the floor of the cave.
  • Whew. That was a close one.
  • The Cave of Wonders melts down into the sand, and Jafar takes off his old man mask to check out his fruits of his evil labor.
  • Oh, but lo and behold—the lamp is gone. Noooooooo.

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