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Aladdin Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Meanwhile, back at the palace, Jasmine is still sulking about Aladdin.
  • But now the Sultan notices and wants to hear the whole story about how Jafar totally messed up and executed an innocent boy.
  • Oh, wow, Jafar really stepped in it this time.
  • Back in the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin wakes up from his nasty fall to realize that he's trapped. Plus, that jerky old guy who conned him is long gone with the lamp.
  • Oh. Not quite.
  • Seems as though Abu swiped the lamp right before they fell. Is that monkey a good thief or what?
  • Aladdin takes a good look at the lamp. Something might be written on the side, but it's hard to tell, so he gives the lamp a rub. It starts to glow and then something really weird happens.
  • Out pops a big blue genie who talks and cracks jokes pretty much nonstop.
  • In between transformations and imitations, the Genie reveals a few very important details. It seems that by rubbing the lamp, Aladdin has become the Genie's master and has unlocked three wishes.
  • Wow.
  • Aladdin thinks he may have hit his head pretty hard. Or maybe this is all a dream?
  • It seems as though Aladdin isn't quite getting the whole wish-granting deal here, so the Genie breaks into song to explain it.
  • "Friend Like Me" is all about the Genie and how he can make any dream Aladdin has come true. All Aladdin has to do is say the word, so what's it gonna be?
  • Any wish? Aladdin asks.
  • Okay, there are a few rules, the Genie explains. First, no wishing for more wishes. Three's the limit. The Genie also can't kill anyone. He also can't make people fall in love. And he'd rather not bring people back from the dead. But that's it.
  • Hmm…Aladdin's not impressed. Some all-powerful genie. He probably can't even get them out of this cave.
  • Oh, the Genie is not having this. He loads everyone onto the magic carpet and shoots them right out of that cave.
  • That'll teach Aladdin.

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