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Aladdin Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Aladdin, Abu, and the Genie land safely on the magic carpet. The Genie is feeling pretty good about his magical powers. Impressive, right?
  • Totes, Aladdin says. Now, about those three wishes.
  • Nope, you're down to two, the Genie tells him.
  • Nah, Aladdin says, I didn't actually wish to get out of the cave. Kind of tricked you on that one.
  • Okay, the Genie has to admit he got played there. But that's okay. Fair enough. Aladdin still has three official wishes.
  • As Aladdin is deciding, he asks the Genie what he would wish for. That's easy—freedom. See, being a genie is cool, given those phenomenal cosmic powers and all, but having to live inside a tiny lamp for thousands of years and pop out and grant people's wishes on a dime is kind of a bummer.
  • It is bummer, so Aladdin promises that he'll use his last wish to set the Genie free. Here's hoping.
  • Okay, so what does Aladdin want? Well, there's this girl…and she's amazing. But she's also a princess, and Aladdin would have to be a prince to have a chance with her.
  • So, there's the first wish right there—Aladdin wants to become a prince.
  • Oh, that's doable. First, the Genie gives Aladdin a snazzy new wardrobe; then he transforms Abu into a giant elephant. Way impressive.
  • But that's not all. By the time the Genie's done, Aladdin's gonna make one grand and royal entrance.

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