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Aladdin Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Inside the palace, the Sultan is playing with his toys when Jafar charges in to let him know that he's figured out a solution to Jasmine's little marriage problem.
  • Oh, this ought to be good.
  • Jafar reads from a scroll. It says that if Jasmine doesn't pick a husband by her birthday, then her father can pick for her. The Sultan isn't too jazzed about that idea.
  • But there's more. If that option fails, then the princess must be marry the royal vizier. Who's that. Right: that's Jafar. How surprising.
  • Hmm, that doesn't seem right. The Sultan specifically remembers the law saying that only a prince can marry a princess. Weird.
  • Jafar doesn't have time for the Sultan's slow thinking, so he breaks out his hypnotic snake staff. He tells the Sultan that the Sultan will order Jasmine to marry him.
  • Just then, the trance is broken when the Sultan hears the sounds of music outside the palace.
  • What's that? Let's go see.

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