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Aladdin Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Aladdin floats back down to the courtyard and finds out that life could most definitely be better.
  • There, Jafar and the palace guards are waiting for him. They grab him, tie him up, and toss him off a cliff into the sea. Harsh.
  • Under the water, Aladdin's turban comes off; it has the lamp inside. He tries to get to the lamp, but he passes out just as the Genie is released.
  • The Genie sees that Aladdin is in distress, but he can't help him without an official wish. He takes whatever's going on in Aladdin's unconsciousness to mean that Aladdin wants to use his second wish to save his own life. Thank goodness.
  • Back up on land, Aladdin thanks the Genie for his help. Wish number two is gone for good.
  • At the palace, Jasmine is in her room. Her father comes in to tell her some news: she's getting married to Jafar.
  • No. As luck would have it, Jasmine has picked a husband. She's good with Prince Ali.
  • Oh, but Prince Ali's gone, Jafar says.
  • Not so, Aladdin says. Wow, he's good at making an entrance. He also thinks everyone should know that Jafar just tried to kill him.
  • But Jafar uses his hypnotic snake staff to get the Sultan on his side. Aladdin is obviously lying, right?
  • Aladdin sees right through this and smashes the staff. The Sultan snaps out of his trance and finally wises up. He orders the guards to seize Jafar.
  • Oh, but Jafar's not gonna go quietly. Before anyone can grab him, he catches a glimpse of the lamp in Aladdin's turban. So, Prince Ali is Aladdin? The lamp is within grabbing distance? There are evil plots to be hatched. And Jafar escapes to hatch them.
  • But for a minute, everyone is happy. Aladdin and Jasmine are gonna get married. And Aladdin is gonna be sultan one day.
  • Yup, Aladdin's totally prepared for that job. No worries at all.

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