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Aladdin Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Turns out falsifying your résumé has consequences. Aladdin should be psyched. He's got the girl. He's gonna be sultan one day. But now reality is coming crashing down around him. He's not ready to adult yet.
  • But the Genie is excited. Aladdin's got everything he wanted, and now it's time for him to come through on his promise. So, how's about it, Al? Why not use your last wish to free the Genie?
  • Oh, no. Aladdin can't do that. He's sitting on a throne of lies. Without the Genie, Jasmine is sure to figure out the truth. Nope. Aladdin's gotta keep the Genie around forever.
  • It's a jerk move. Even Abu and Carpet think so.
  • Hey, maybe Aladdin should just tell the truth, after all?
  • Just then, Aladdin hears Jasmine's voice out in the courtyard. It's time to be straight with her before this all goes any further.
  • Of course, it's only Iago pretending to be Jasmine. As soon as Aladdin is gone, Iago sneaks into the room and swipes the lamp.
  • Oh, this is not gonna be good.

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