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Aladdin Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • The story of this lamp begins on a dark night and features a super creepy guy who's definitely up to no good.
  • This creepy guy is our main villain—Jafar—and he's one bad dude.
  • On this particular night, Jafar is waiting out in the middle of the desert with his pet parrot, Iago, when he's approached by a chubby thief named Gazeem who's got half of a golden beetle for the boss man.
  • Jafar connects Gazeem's half of the beetle with another half from his coat. The completed beetle starts to glow and fly through the air. Jafar and Gazeem jump on their horses and race after the beetle as it flies across the dessert and finally plunges down in the sand.
  • Then, a ginormous tiger's head rises from out of the sand. Jafar is pretty psyched. This is what he's been looking for all these years. It's the Cave of Wonders. Oh, so magical.
  • Jafar tells Gazeem to go ahead down into the tiger's mouth cave and grab the lamp for him. It's totally safe and stuff. Jafar, apparently, hates doing his own dirty work.
  • As Gazeem walks away, Iago also reveals that he's more than just a boring parrot. He can talk, too. And plot evil things.
  • Gazeem approaches the Cave of Wonders, and the tiger's head speaks to him. The tiger head tells Gazeem that only one person can enter the cave. That person is "the diamond in the rough." Jafar tells Gazeem to just get in there already. Yeah, good luck, man.
  • Surprise, surprise, but Gazeem is not "the diamond in the rough."
  • Iago is pretty ticked. They're never gonna get in this cave.
  • But Jafar hasn't given up hope. They're gonna find this super special person.
  • Jafar will use all his evil powers to locate the one dude in the entire world who can enter the Cave of Wonders. Who can it be? Hopefully he's local.

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