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Aladdin Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Oh, what do you know? We cut directly to our hero—Aladdin. Except he isn't being very heroic. He's actually in the process of running from the palace guards along with his pet monkey, Abu. Seems this dynamic duo has just been caught stealing a loaf of bread.
  • Hey, it's not a crime to be hungry, right?
  • In addition to be pretty good at swiping loaves of bread, Aladdin's got quite the singing voice. As he dodges the guards left and right, he sings "One Jump Ahead."
  • The song is basically all about Aladdin's hard-knock life. He's a poor orphaned street rat with no money, so what's he supposed to do? He's gotta eat to live, and he's gotta steal to eat.
  • Aladdin finally manages to shake the guards while executing a tricky key change. He and Abu sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labors, but just then Aladdin spots two little kids rooting through the trash.
  • Naturally, Aladdin gives his half of the loaf to them. Abu really doesn't want to, but he follows suit, anyway.
  • Okay, so this is how you know Aladdin is the hero, right here. His heart of gold is practically shining through his jacket.
  • A few seconds later, Aladdin hears a commotion in the street. Some rich guy is making his way to the palace. Another suitor looking to impress the princess.
  • And, of course, the two kids Aladdin just fed run out in front of the rich guy's horse, and he freaks out. But Aladdin steps in to save the day.
  • Rich guy isn't impressed. Aladdin is just a worthless street rat, and no one cares about him.
  • Yeah, so that one kind of hurt. It hurts so much that Aladdin goes back to the abandoned rooftop he calls home to reprise the song "One Jump Ahead." If people really knew him, he says, they'd know that he was more than just a street rat. Sigh.
  • Aladdin looks at the Sultan's palace and tells Abu that things aren't always gonna be like this. One day, they're gonna be rich and fancy and never have any problems.
  • Oh, is that how things usually work?

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