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Aladdin Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Meanwhile, over in the palace, life is not all smooth sailing.
  • That rich guy Aladdin saw out on the street has just stormed passed the Sultan. Good luck marrying off your daughter, dude, he says. She's a handful.
  • The Sultan is not pleased, so he rushes out to the courtyard to find out what's up with his daughter, Jasmine, and he's greeted by her pet tiger, Rajah…who has a little piece of that rich guy's underwear in his mouth. Ouch.
  • The Sultan is concerned because of several major plots points. 1) The law of the land says that Jasmine needs to marry a prince, and 2) she needs to marry that prince by her next birthday. Her birthday happens to be in three days. It's a real ticking-clock scenario.
  • Jasmine has got all kinds of ideas about how she does not want to be forced into marriage. Heck, she's never even set foot outside her house, so maybe it's not super smart for her to commit to some guy for life when she hasn't even gone grocery shopping unattended.
  • The Sultan isn't real impressed with Jasmine's freethinking. She's a princess. She's supposed to marry a prince. Seriously, has she ever seen a Disney movie?
  • The Sultan storms off, but Jasmine has a final idea when she opens the bird cage that's in the courtyard and lets all her sweet little birds fly free. Light bulb.

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