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Aladdin Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • That night, as we suspected, Jasmine has decided to run away. Life in the palace is just too much. Mo' money, mo' problems, after all.
  • Meanwhile, next morning, in the village of Agrabah, Aladdin and Abu run a little scam to snag a melon for breakfast. Then, a pretty girl catches Aladdin's eye. Yowza.
  • Jasmine is having her first look around outside the palace walls, and it's pretty great. There are vendors and people all around. The real world is kind of cool.
  • As Jasmine is taking in the sights, she sees a poor child and decides that he must be hungry. So she hands him an apple off a cart. Hey, she's just like Aladdin. Except she's not as good at thieving.
  • The owner of the cart is pretty ticked. He tells Jasmine she needs to pay for that apple. She's kind of confused. She wasn't expecting to need money to exchange for goods and services out here in the marketplace. We mean, she's literally never been out of the palace, so we can't fault her too much for not knowing how the world works out here.
  • The apple cart owner grabs Jasmine and threatens to cut off her hand. Yikes! She tells him that she can go to the palace and get money from the Sultan. The apple cart owner isn't really buying that.
  • Just then, Aladdin intervenes. He tells the owner of the cart that Jasmine is his sister. She's a little crazy. She thinks Abu the monkey is the Sultan. So, it's best to just let the disturbed girl go. It's all very sad.
  • The owner of the cart seems ready to buy this story‚Ķuntil a bunch of apples and coins fall right out of Abu's vest. Come on, Abu.
  • Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu rush away as the man shouts after them. Stop! Thieves!

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