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Aladdin Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back at the palace, Jasmine is ticked. She finds Jafar and chews him out. What exactly has he done with Aladdin?
  • Oh, that kid? The criminal who kidnapped the princess? He's been beheaded.
  • Jasmine is pretty shaken up by this news, and Jafar is all fake apologetic. If only he'd known that Jasmine had actually run away, then he wouldn't have had Aladdin put to death. Oh, well. Too bad, so sad.
  • At this point, we know better than to believe anything Jafar says. Of course Aladdin is alive. He's chained up in a dungeon. Not a great place to be, but it's better than being beheaded.
  • Down in the dungeon, Abu comes to rescue Aladdin. Aladdin is also slightly bummed about the way the whole Jasmine situation worked out. But he knows he's never gonna see the princess again: after all, he's poor and she's rich. Plus, she's gotta marry a prince. Puke.
  • Another prisoner overhears Aladdin and Abu talking and chimes in. Hey, maybe Aladdin could have a chance with Jasmine, after all.
  • The other prisoner is an old man who hobbles over with an idea. There's this cave, see, with all kinds of riches inside it. If Aladdin goes inside and grabs up enough treasure, he'll be fancy enough to impress Jasmine, whether or not he's a prince.
  • It sounds a bit fishy, but Aladdin is kind of desperate. Plus, this old man knows a secret passageway out of this dungeon.
  • And, um, yeah, this old dude is actually Jafar in disguise. Seriously. Hey, all the signs were thereā€¦

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