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Alien Scene 34

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Scene 34

Scene 34

  • Ripley sets Ash's head up on the table and plugs him back in, hoping he'll know how to kill the alien.
  • Ash tells the crew that they can't kill the creature, because it's the perfect organism: hostile, remorseless, with a survival instinct free of "delusions of morality" (Alien). In other words, basically a Wall Street stockbroker. Now we really are scared.
  • Ash tells the crew it won't lie to them about their chances, but mockingly offers them its sympathies. 
  • Ripley unplugs Ash and lays down the new plan: They'll take their chances in the shuttle and blow the ship up. Parker is on-board with that idea.
  • Before they leave, Parker sends Ash his regards by way of flamethrower.

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