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Okay, so, by the time Jonathan Lynn finished writing the screenplay for Clue, the project had hit another little bump in the road. John Landis—who was slated to direct—had signed on to direct Spies Like Us instead. Problem? Nope. Why not have the screenwriter direct this thing? 

What could go wrong?

Now Lynn had some experience directing in theater. Plus, the opportunity to direct a big budget Hollywood film doesn’t come along every day of the week, so Lynn jumped at the chance. Hey, wouldn’t you?

Of course, after Clue flopped in theaters, Lynn’s future in big-time movie directing took a sharp downturn. He was slated to direct Roxanne. That changed about ten days after Clue was released to poor reviews and lackluster ticket sales. Luckily, Lynn returned to England and kept working there. Eventually, he was offered the chance to direct the genuine hit My Cousin Vinny and everyone liked him again.

Oh, Hollywood, you’re so fickle.

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