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Clue Production Design

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Production Design

So we know who killed Mr. Boddy, with what, and where, but there’s one big question left—how was it all filmed?

Clue is a live-action movie shot on film in the same style of almost every other movie from the mid-1980s. Since the entire movie really only has one location—Hill House—the production team only had to create one setting. One huge and elaborate and creepy setting, but still.

The outdoor scenes were filmed at a real life at a gothic revival mansion in Pasadena, California. But, because finding a huge house that matched the layout of the Clue board game almost exactly probably would have been an issue, the filmmakers opted to build the interior of Hill House on a soundstage on the Paramount Studio lot in Hollywood, California. In fact, of the $8 million budget for the movie, getting the house to look exactly right took up $1 million dollars.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money, but when it’s where you’ll be filming 90% of your scenes, it pays to get things right.

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