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Clue Scene 1: Hill House

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Scene 1: Hill House

Scene 1: Hill House

  • Our movie begins ominously. An old-timey car is driving up to a ginormous mansion at nighttime while spooky music plays. Oooooh, we can almost feel the murder mystery vibes in the air. 
  • The driver parks his car in front of the house and approaches the front door with a bag in his hands. 
  • On the porch are two vicious looking dogs. Luckily, the man throws them a bone from his bag and the doggies back off and start to chow down. The man then chains up the dogs and head inside. 
  • On his way, he steps in a little pile of doggy poo-poo. Yuck. Cue a series of poop jokes now. 
  • We finally see the inside of the mansion as the man enters and a title card tells us that this is all taking place in “New England 1954.” Well, that explains the old-timey car. 
  • In another room in the house, a busty blonde maid is dancing to “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” while polishing some crystal. 
  • The man turns off the music and asks the maid if she’s ready for tonight and if she has her instructions. She’s tells him that she’s all set in French, which means she not only a sexy maid, she’s a sexy French maid. 
  • The man then heads over to the kitchen where the cook is sharpening knives. When the man asks if everything’s all right, the cook points the knife at him and lets him know that dinner will be ready at 7:30. How’s that for service?

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