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Clue Scene 10: Search the House

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Scene 10: Search the House

Scene 10: Search the House

  • Colonel Mustard pours drinks for everyone in the library and tries to figure out if there’s anyone else in the house. 
  • But what are they gonna do about the motorist in the longue? Mrs. White asks. They can’t throw him out into the rain, he’ll get suspicious. They can’t let him stay though, because then he’ll really get suspicious. Oh, who cares about that dude, Mrs. Peacock tells everyone. There are two dead bodies in the study, people. The police are gonna be here in a half an hour. 
  • Okay, that’s awful, but is anyone else in the house? Wadsworth says no, but how can they be sure? Colonel Mustard suggests they split up and search the house just in case. 
  • Wadsworth suggests that everyone draws straws to see who will pair up to search which areas. Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum search the cellar. Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet are in charge of the first floor. Wadsworth and Mrs. White have the second floor. Mr. Green and Yvette get the spooky attic. Yikes. 
  • At the bottom of the attic stairs, Yvette and Mr. Green debate about who’s gonna head up first into the scary attic. They decide to go together. Mr. Green is probably the only man in the party who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with Yvette. 
  • In the cellar, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock make their way down some really dark stairs. To make matters worse, there are rats in the cellar. Eeek. 
  • On the second floor, Wadsworth and Mrs. White search separate rooms, but clearly don’t trust each other. After all, what man would want to be alone with a suspected husband killer? 
  • On the main floor, Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet browse through the rooms that don’t have a body or a stranded motorist in them. They eventually split up when Colonel Mustard chickens out a bit. 
  • This is all super tense and freaky. There really isn’t anyone else in the house, is there? Is there?

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