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Clue Scene 11: The Secret Passage

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Scene 11: The Secret Passage

Scene 11: The Secret Passage

  • Out on the road by the house, a police officer sees the stranded motorist’s vehicle. Uh-oh. This isn’t good. 
  • Back in the study, someone burns all of Wadsworth’s evidence in the fire and unlocks the cabinet with the weapons in it. 
  • In the lounge, the motorist is making his phone call. He tells the person on the other end that’s he a little nervous. He’s been locked in this room in a house full of people. One of those people happens to be his old boss—bam! 
  • The motorist gets smacked on the head with the wrench and drops to the floor. 
  • Meanwhile, Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard are searching the conservatory when Colonel Mustard stumbles backwards into a secret passageway. 
  • The two decide to explore the passageway, which comes out right into the lounge… where a dead body happens to be laying on the floor next to the wrench. 
  • The passageway closes behind them and Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard freak out. They start banging on the lounge door begging to be let out. 
  • Everyone searching the house rushes to the door of the lounge. But the door is locked and—guess what?—Wadsworth doesn’t have the key to it. It’s gone. 
  • Wadsworth tries to break the door down, but Yvette has an idea. She runs into the study, grabs the gun from the cabinet. But she trips and the gun goes off, hitting the rope to the chandelier above them. 
  • She gets up and fires two shots into lock of the door and it opens. But Colonel Mustard is ticked. Yvette could have killed them. 
  • Just then, the rope on the chandelier gives way and crashes down behind Colonel Mustard. This freaks everyone out. Especially Colonel Mustard. So much for courage under fire. 
  • Everyone is freaked out more when Miss Scarlet points out the body in the lounge. But how did the colonel and Miss Scarlet ow did they get into the room? The secret passageway, of course. 
  • Just then, Professor Plum realizes that Yvette has the gun from the locked cabinet. Nope. It’s not unlocked anymore. Duh-duh-duh.

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