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Clue Scene 12: All Too Shocking

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Scene 12: All Too Shocking

Scene 12: All Too Shocking

  • And the doorbell rings again. No one wants to answer it except Mr. Green. After all, he has nothing to hide—he didn’t kill anyone. 
  • He swings open the door to see a police officer. Nice work, Mr. Green. 
  • This cop found an abandoned car and wondered if the motorist came up to their house for help. Who is this guy, Colombo? 
  • Everyone except Mr. Green says that they never saw a guy. This is pretty suspicious. 
  • Maybe the cop can use their phone real quick to make a call? Sure, Wadsworth tells him. Surely there’s a phone in a room without a corpse in it, right? 
  • When he comes in the cop asks if he knows Yvette. Hmmm. Then Wadsworth explains that they’re so anxious because the chandelier just fell. Nice cover, Wadsworth. 
  • Wadsworth shows the officer into the library and, naturally, locks the door. The phone inside the library rings and the cop picks it up. 
  • The cop bangs on the door demanding to be let out of the room. He tells them that he’ll arrest them all for wrongful imprisonment and obstructing an officer and… murder. 
  • Huh? What? Murder? Wadsworth opens the door, but the cop laughs. He just said that so they would open the door. Funny, huh? What is up around here? Why are they getting phone calls from J. Edgar Hoover?
  • Wadsworth goes into the library to take the call and the cop asks if he can take a look around. This is gonna be tricky. 
  • While Mr. Green shows the cop the sights in the mansion, Miss Scarlet stages the rooms with actual dead bodies in them. When the cop walks in, he sees what he thinks are people enjoying a good old make-out fest. Clever girl. 
  • In the lounge, the cop finds the motorist who appears to be drunk. Dead drunk. 
  • The cop runs into Wadsworth as he leaves the library and tells him that he’s seen everything and there’s nothing illegal going on in this house. Hmmm… Wadsworth didn’t realize American laws were that lax. 
  • The cop asks if he can use the phone in the library again. And Wadsworth locks him in again. Oh, this is not gonna end well.

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