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Clue Scene 13: Three Murders

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Scene 13: Three Murders

Scene 13: Three Murders

  • The guests need to finish searching the house—the police will be here in 15 minutes. Actually, they’re already here, Professor Plum points out. 
  • Everyone splits up again and resumes searching the house. Miss Scarlet comes across yet another secret passageway in the kitchen. It goes to the study where Mr. Boddy and the cook are resting on the sofas. 
  • Suddenly, all the electricity in the house goes off. 
  • Yvette sneaks downstairs in the dark and meet up with a mysterious stranger in the billiard room. The person asks if anyone recognized Yvette. Oh yeah, every inch of her body. Of course, she says this without her French accent. This girl is tricky. 
  • The mystery person throws the noose around Yvette’s neck. She says, “It’s you!” as she chokes to death. Poor Yvette. R.I.P. along with your boobs. 
  • Meanwhile, the cop is talking on the phone. Something really weird is going on around this house. He might even be in danger. He’s right. Someone smacks him in the head with the lead pipe.•
  • Just then, the doorbell rings. Again. It’s a singing telegram girl. She’s promptly shot with the revolver. Geez, her singing wasn’t that bad. 
  • Everyone freaks out when they hear the gunshot. Wadsworth rushes downstairs and turns the power to the house back on. 
  • One by one, everyone heads back to the main floor. They survey the three new murders—Yvette in the billiard room with the rope, the cop in the library with the lead pipe, and the singing telegram girl at the front door with the revolver. 
  • This is turning out to be quite the dinner party.

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