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Clue Scene 14: Wadsworth Explains Everything

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Scene 14: Wadsworth Explains Everything

Scene 14: Wadsworth Explains Everything

  • Back inside the house, Wadsworth notices that the gun is gone. Yvette dropped it by the broken chandelier. Hmmm. Very, very curious. 
  • Okay, good news everyone. Wadsworth knows exactly who did it and he’s prepared to explain all. Oh, only after six murders? Do tell, Wadsworth. 
  • But first, Wadsworth’s gonna have to take everyone through the events of the evening step by step. Sure. We love a good review. 
  • Wadsworth proceeds to race around the house and go through everything that has happened that evening. He was in the house with Yvette and the cook, the guests arrived one by one, they all ate dinner, they got their gifts in the study, and then Mr. Boddy turned out the lights. 
  • Okay, we saw all that already, but then Wadsworth reveals that Mr. Boddy couldn’t have been dead the first time they found him lying on the floor. Professor Plum admits he must have made a mistake when examining him. Nice one, professor. 
  • Wadsworth points out that the bullet grazed Mr. Boddy’s ear, so he must have played dead when he realized that one of the guests would rather kill him than Wadsworth. 
  • When the guests ran to the billiard room as Yvette screamed, Wadsworth points out that one of them wasn’t in the room. That person could have grabbed the knife, ran to the kitchen, and stabbed the cook, then snuck back down into the secret passageway back into the study. 
  • Who knew about the passageway? Wadsworth for one, but he’s not the murderer, right? Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet found it, too, but claim not to have known. Miss Scarlet was with them all in the billiard room, so it couldn’t have been her either. 
  • Why would anyone want to kill the cook? Turns out, she was part of Mr. Boddy’s network of informants. So was Yvette. 
  • Wadsworth points out that Mrs. White knew Yvette. Her husband had an affair with Yvette. Yvette also worked for Miss Scarlet. Colonel Mustard was one of Yvette’s clients, too, and wanted to stop Mr. Boddy from sending pictures of him and Yvette to the colonel’s mother. 
  • That would be something, Mrs. White points out. The colonel told them all that both his parents were dead earlier in the evening. 
  • Wadsworth tells everyone that while they were in the kitchen tending to the stabbed cook, someone snuck back down the secret passage, saw the not-dead Mr. Boddy get up and followed him into the hall and bashed him with the candlestick. 
  • Wadsworth also didn’t throw the key to the weapons cabinet away right away. Anyone could have taken it out of his pocket and substituted another one. 
  • Mr. Green points out that Colonel Mustard and Mrs. White’s late husband have a connection. The colonel is working on the next fusion bomb and Mr. White was a nuclear physicist. 
  • Wadsworth then explains that everyone who was murdered tonight was one of Mr. Boddy’s informants. Wadsworth invited them all. Too bad they all got bumped off. 
  • The motorist was Colonel Mustard’s driver during the war and he knew that Colonel Mustard made money by selling stolen military equipment. That’s how he made all his money. So, it wasn’t from dear old Mommy and Daddy after all. 
  • The cop was on Miss Scarlet’s payroll. She bribed him, so she could keep on doing her dirty work. 
  • The singing telegram girl was Professor Plum’s patient and he had an affair with her. Professor Perv is more like it. 
  • But how would the murderer know about the other informants? Why kill all them? Well, the murderer read the documents that Wadsworth left in the study and then burned them. That person knew the truth about everyone in the house and who exactly had informed on them. 
  • Just then, the doorbell rings again. It’s a man with brochures talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. Mrs. Peacock tells him to get lost. We’ve gotta agree with her there—we’re in the middle of a murder investigate, dude.

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