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Clue Scene 15: The “Miss Scarlet Did It” Ending

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Scene 15: The “Miss Scarlet Did It” Ending

Scene 15: The “Miss Scarlet Did It” Ending

  • Okay, now here’s where the movie gets a little weird—it has three possible endings. Three different murder mystery outcomes. This one is the first. Let Wadsworth explain. 
  • Turns out, none of the guests killed Mr. Boddy or the cook. The one person who wasn’t with them in the study was Yvette. 
  • When she heard the gunshot, she thought Mr. Boddy was dead. She snuck into the study, picked up the knife Mrs. Peacock had dropped by the door, and ran to the kitchen to stab the cook. 
  • Then Yvette hurried back to the billiard room and screamed. Everyone ran to check on her and then rushed to the kitchen to find the cook dead. 
  • Meanwhile, Yvette hid in the study and saw Mr. Boddy get up and run away. She cracked him with the candlestick and stashed his body in the bathroom. 
  • But why? Maybe Yvette was acting under orders from the person who killed her later? 
  • Maybe it was her employer—Miss Scarlet. 
  • She denies it, but Wadsworth explains that Miss Scarlet was the one who killed the motorist in the longue using the secret passageway. How did she know about the passage? Yvette told her. Oh, good theory. 
  • Later, Miss Scarlet was the one who switched off the electricity (she was on the main floor, so that was easy). She snuck into the cabinet and got the other weapons, strangled Yvette, killed the cop on her payroll, and shot the singing telegram girl at the front door. 
  • Ah, but, as Miss Scarlet points out, Wadsworth has no proof. 
  • Not quite. The gun is missing. Whoever has it is the murderer. 
  • Turn out, Miss Scarlet has it after all. She points the gun at everyone. Nice work, Wadsworth. 
  • But why did she do it? No one cared about the kind of naughty business she ran. Lots of people would have wanted to keep her dealings out of the spotlight. 
  • Ah, Miss Scarlet explains, that’s not her real business. She traffics in secrets. Yvette found out secrets and gave them to Miss Scarlet. 
  • Oh, so this is all political. Miss Scarlet must be so a communist then? 
  • Nope, she tells them. Communism is just a red herring. She’s a capitalist and she’s gonna sell her secrets to the highest bidder. 
  • In fact, all the guests can keep paying her in government secrets. If she wants them to keep quiet about what she knows about them, that is. 
  • Of course, Wadsworth is just a butler. He doesn’t have any high level secrets. Why should Miss Scarlet keep him around? 
  • Oh, Wadsworth does know something. There’s no more bullets left in that gun. Six shots have already been fired. One shot at Mr. Boddy, two at the chandelier, two at the longue door, and one at the singing telegram. 
  • No, Miss Scarlet says, there were only five shots. There was only one shot for the chandelier. They argue about the math for a minute before Miss Scarlet tells Wadsworth to shut up. 
  • Suddenly, the door bells rings. Yet again. The police rush in and arrest Miss Scarlet. 
  • Turns out, Wadsworth is a secret agent working for J. Edgar Hoover. And there are no more bullets left in the gun. Except when Wadsworth fires up to the ceiling he finds out there are. Oops. 
  • The bullet grazes the rope to the other chandelier and the one comes crashing down right behind Colonel Mustard. Again.

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