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Clue Scene 16: The “Mrs. Peacock Did It” Ending

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Scene 16: The “Mrs. Peacock Did It” Ending

Scene 16: The “Mrs. Peacock Did It” Ending

  • Okay now we’re onto the second ending. 
  • Wadsworth explains again how the last three victims were murdered and then drops this bombshell—Mrs. Peacock did it. 
  • Mrs. Peacock was the one missing when the cook and Mr. Boddy were murdered. In fact, the cook was Mrs. Peacock’s chef. Remember how much she loved the recipe at dinner? 
  • But why would she have murdered everyone else? Just in case Mr. Boddy had told them about Mrs. Peacock’s bad deeds. Wow, is there anything this feather-head won’t do to keep her dirty deeds to herself? 
  • So, this doesn’t have anything to do with Colonel Mustard’s work on the new fusion bomb or a missing nuclear physicist? Nope. Communism is just a red herring. Mrs. Peacock is the mastermind. 
  • Oh, but there’s no proof, Mrs. Peacocks quips. 
  • Of course, there is. Wadsworth tells everyone that the gun is missing. Whoever has it is the murderer. 
  • ure enough, it’s Mrs. Peacock. 
  • Wadsworth tells Mrs. Peacock that he doesn’t plan to turn her in though. He doesn’t approve of murder, but she’s only killed a terrible blackmailer and his network of spies. Who cares, right? 
  • But aren’t the police coming? Mr. Green asks. 
  • No one’s called them, Wadsworth explains. So that whole countdown was a lie. We feel so misled. 
  • Wadsworth suggests stacking the bodies in the cellar. Then they can all leave one by one and forget this mess ever happened. 
  • Good idea, Mrs. Peacock says. She’ll leave first. And she heads out the front door. 
  • Once she’s gone Wadsworth explains that Mrs. Peacock isn’t gonna get away with anything. He works for the FBI (that explains the call from J. Edgar Hoover) and she’s totally going down for these crimes. 
  • Outside, the preacher man from the front door confronts Mrs. Peacock at her car. Turns out he’s a cop and the lady is going away for a long, long time. 
  • Would anyone care for fruit or dessert, Wadsworth wonders? Wouldn’t want to leave your guests famished, now would we?

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