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Clue Scene 17: The “Murder on the Orient Express” Ending

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Scene 17: The “Murder on the Orient Express” Ending

Scene 17: The “Murder on the Orient Express” Ending

  • And the final ending, which is our personal favorite, goes something like this. 
  • Wadsworth goes through the murders one by one. 
  • Professor Plum was actually the one who fired the gun and Mr. Boddy when the lights went out. Then, he pretended Mr. Boddy was dead so he could bash him on the head later with the candlestick. The professor was the missing person when they were in the kitchen with the cook. 
  • But who killed the cook? Mrs. Peacock disappeared while they were in the billiard room with Yvette. The cook was her cook (remember how she loved her recipe at dinner?) and she knew the cook had sold Mr. Boddy her secrets. 
  • How about the motorist? Colonel Mustard took the key from Wadsworth’s pocket while they were all huddled at the front door and then suggested everyone split up. He separated from Miss Scarlet, opened the weapons cabinet, ran through the secret passageway, killed the motorist (who was his driver during the war), and came back through. 
  • And Yvette? Mrs. White snuck away, turned out the lights, and strangled Yvette. She never got over the fact that Yvette had an affair with her husband. She hated Yvette so much it felt like flames coming out of the sides of her face. Flames. 
  • The cop? Miss Scarlet grabbed the lead pipe in the dark and smashed the cop (who she’d been bribing) with the lead pipe. True. Man, Wadsworth is good. 
  • How about the singing telegram? It must have been Mr. Green, right? No, he protests. It wasn’t him. In fact, whoever has the gun is the one who shot the girl. 
  • Turns out, it’s Wadsworth. So the butler did it after all. 
  • Mr. Green was just about to tell everyone the truth, but Wadsworth beats him to it. Why do they all think Mr. Boddy is dead? They’ve never met him. 
  • Nope. Wadsworth is Mr. Boddy. He’s the one who’s been blackmailing them all. Oh, Wadsworth, you devil. 
  • So who did Professor Plum kill? Wadsworth’s butler. Darn. 
  • This has actually worked out pretty well for Wadsworth. His network of spies is gone and there’s no blood on his hands. 
  • This also has nothing to do with Mrs. White’s nuclear physicist husband or Colonel Mustard’s work on the new fusion bomb? Of course not, Wadsworth explains. Communism (naturally) was just a red herring. 
  • Mr. Green points out that the police are coming. 
  • Not quite, Wadsworth says. No one’s called them. He suggests stacking the bodies in the cellar and leaving one by one and forgetting all about it. And he’ll just keep on blackmailing everyone. Oh, that sounds like fun. 
  • But Mr. Green doesn’t like that one bit. He pulls out a gun and fires at Wadsworth. 
  • The butler/blackmailer is dead. 
  • So who exactly is Mr. Green? He’s FBI (the phone call from J. Edgar Hoover was for him). Remember how he told everyone he didn’t do it? Well that was a true story. 
  • Mr. Green opens the front door and the cops rush in. Who did it? They all did. 
  • Of course, if you wanna know who killed Mr. Boddy it was Mr. Green in the hall with the revolver. Cute, Mr. Green. 
  • Mr. Green tells the cops to arrest everyone then announces he’s gonna go home and sleep with his wife. Figures. Everything about this guy is a lie.

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