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Clue Scene 2: The Guests Arrive

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Scene 2: The Guests Arrive

Scene 2: The Guests Arrive

  • The doorbell rings and the man heads to let in his guest. 
  • Out on the porch the man greets the visitor who he addresses as Colonel Mustard. When the visitor tries to explain that he’s not actually named after a condiment, the man tells him that he might want to stick with the alias for now. 
  • The man introduces himself to Colonel Mustard as Wadsworth, the butler. That makes sense. 
  • Wadsworth shows the colonel into the library and tells the French maid (named Yvette) to give the colonel anything he needs. Within reason. Sorry to burst your bubble, Colonel Mustard. 
  • The doorbell rings again. This time it’s Mrs. White and she’s holding a letter. Wadsworth escorts Mrs. White into the library where she seems to recognize Yvette. Curious. 
  • Out on the road near the house, a woman is having car trouble. And it’s starting to rain. Another car passes and offers her a ride to her destination. Turns out they’re both headed to the same place—Hill House. 
  • Back at the house, Wadsworth introduces the group to an older woman who’s going by the name Mrs. Peacock. 
  • The doorbell rings again and it’s Mr. Green. He’s looking for the address to meet Mr. Boddy. Mr. Green isn’t the most confident man on the planet. When Wadsworth tells the dogs on the porch to sit, Mr. Green does it instead. 
  • The man and the woman from the road pull up to the house in the thunder and rain. Of course, the man can’t resist the chance to cop a feel on the woman’s rear end. Lovely. They ring the bell and are greeted by Wadsworth as Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet. 
  • Looks like the gang’s all here. Wadsworth explains to the group that no one is going by their real name tonight. Oh, we wonder why… 
  • And just then, the cook rings the gong for dinner. Mr. Green manages to spill champagne on Miss Peacock and she’s not amused. Not even a little bit. (We are though.)

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