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Clue Scene 3: Dinner Is Served

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Scene 3: Dinner Is Served

Scene 3: Dinner Is Served

  • The six guests make their way to the dining room where Wadsworth invites them to sit down. 
  • Colonel Mustard asks if Wadsworth will be joining them and he says he won’t he’s only a humble butler. So, what does he do? He buttles, of course. 
  • The guests ask about the seventh empty chair at the table. Is that for their host? No, Wadsworth tells them, it’s for Mr. Boddy. But isn’t Mr. Boddy their host? Curiouser and curiouser. 
  • The six guests all start eating and slurping soup. Finally, Mrs. Peacock breaks the silence. She tells everyone she’s used to being a hostess as part of her husband’s work. She has no clue what she’s doing in this house, but she’s gonna have a good time. Oh, and isn’t this soup good? 
  • Mrs. White asks what Mrs. Peacock’s husband does. She starts to say, but then stops herself. Mr. Green recognizes her though. He works in Washington, too. Professor Plum guesses that Mrs. Peacock must be married to a politician. 
  • Mrs. Peacock asks Mrs. White what her husband does. Nothing, the lady replies. He just lies around on his back all day. Miss Scarlet thinks that sounds like hard work. 
  • Yvette serves the second course and Mrs. Peacock loves it. It’s one of her favorite recipes. Wadsworth tells her that he already knows that. Hmm… 
  • Professor Plum mentions that he knows a bit about psychological medicine, but he’s not a practicing doctor. He works for the World Health Organization in family planning. 
  • The Colonel confirms that he’s a real colonel and Miss Scarlet asks him if he finds it coincidental that he also lives in Washington D.C. How does she know that? Well, let’s just say she’s seen him around. 
  • So, Miss Scarlet lives in Washington D.C., too. Looks like everyone lives in Washington or has a government job. Okay, this is getting weird.

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