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Clue Scene 4: Mr. Boddy

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Scene 4: Mr. Boddy

Scene 4: Mr. Boddy

  • Colonel Mustard is ticked. Where is their host and why have they been brought here? he demand to know. Just then, the doorbell rings. Of course. 
  • The guests overhear Wadsworth let in a man who asks why Wadsworth is locking the door behind him. Wadsworth also refuses to give up the key and the man refuses to give up his briefcase full of surprises. Oh… 
  • Wadsworth brings the man into the dining room and introduces him as Mr. Boddy. 
  • Yvette brings out a bowl of soup for Mr. Boddy, but he tells her to take it back. She clearly knows this guys and doesn’t like him. We don’t think we do either. 
  • Mrs. Peacock demands to know once and for all while they’re all here. 
  • Wadsworth explains that everyone received a letter. The letter said that they should all come to this address at this time so that Mr. Boddy could bring to end a painful financial liability. 
  • Everyone got this letter. Even Mr. Boddy. Except his letter was different. Isn’t that interesting? 
  • Would anyone like some fruit or dessert? Wadsworth asks. No one is in the mood for treats, Wadsworth. So, the butler suggests that everyone make their way into the study to figure out what the heck is going on in this super spooky mansion.

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