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Clue Scene 5: Blackmail

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Scene 5: Blackmail

Scene 5: Blackmail

  • There’s no one in the study, but Wadsworth tells everyone to have a brandy and a seat. Wadsworth opens an envelope on the desk and tells everyone that he’s going to explain what all the guests have in common. 
  • Mr. Boddy asks Wadsworth if the guests know who he is. Wadsworth doesn’t think so and Mr. Boddy suddenly tells everyone this is a hoax and they should leave. He makes a run for the front door, but it’s locked. 
  • Wadsworth tells everyone to head back into the study, but Mr. Boddy makes a break for the conservatory where he tries to smash a window and escape… only to stopped by those nasty dogs from before. 
  • Back in the study, Yvette passes out drinks and Wadsworth explains that everyone in this room is being blackmailed. None of them know who’s blackmailing them though. 
  • Mrs. Peacock objects, but no one else tries to deny the truth. 
  • Wadsworth sends Yvette out of the room and reads off the reasons why each of the guests is being blackmailed. Oh, this should be good. 
  • Professor Plum was once a psychiatrist, but he lost his license for getting freaky with one of his lady patients. 
  • Mrs. Peacock took bribes in exchange for delivering votes from her husband who’s a senator. Mrs. Peacock protests that this is all a vicious lie, but Wadsworth points out that she’s been paying the blackmail money for over a year to keep the story out of the newspapers. So it might be a little bit true, right? 
  • Miss Scarlet is the only one of the group who admits that she’s actually done the deed she’s being blackmailed for. She’s runs a prostitution ring in Washington D.C. 
  • And how does she know Colonel Mustard? He’s one of her clients. And she has photographs. The Colonel also drives a pretty expensive car for someone with a military salary. No, the colonel explains—he actually came into money when his parents died. Oh, did you, Colonel? 
  • Mrs. White’s husband died under mysterious circumstances. He was a nuclear physicist, but also a bit of a moron. Of course, Mrs. White was out the evening he was killed and didn’t have anything to do with the fact that his head and his you-know-what got chopped off. Ouch. 
  • Mr. Green tells everyone that the reason he’s paying blackmail money is because he works for the state department and he’s gay. He’s not ashamed of it, but he also doesn’t want to lose his job. No one else really seems to care. 
  • And what about Mr. Boddy? He’s the one blackmailing everyone. Oh, no he didn’t. 
  • The guests try to attack Mr. Boddy, but Wadsworth tells them to stop. The police are coming. All the guests have to do is tell the police that Mr. Boddy has been blackmailing them and their problems are solved. Not quite, Wadsworth. 
  • Mr. Boddy tells Wadsworth he’ll never get a chance to tell the police. 
  • No so. Wadsworth has all the evidence and he’s having Yvette tape record this conversation from inside the billiard room. The police will arrive in 45 minutes and Mr. Boddy will go to jail. Looks like an open and shut case to us.

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