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Clue Scene 6: The Weapons

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Scene 6: The Weapons

Scene 6: The Weapons

  • Mr. Boddy has other plans. He goes into the hall to get his briefcase and opens it up. He has presents for everyone. He passes out six different ribbon-wrapped boxes and the guests open them. 
  • Miss Scarlet’s box contains a candlestick. Mrs. White gets a bit of rope tied into a noose. Mr. Green’s has a lead pipe. Colonel Mustard sees a wrench inside his box. Professor Plum has a revolver. And Mrs. Peacock receives a knife. 
  • Mr. Boddy tells them they each have a lethal weapon now. If they tell the police about him, he’ll make sure that they all get exposed. But if one of the six guests kills Wadsworth now, they can all go on their merry, murdering way. 
  • Then, Mr. Boddy flicks off the lights

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