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Clue Scene 7: Opportunity & Motive

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Scene 7: Opportunity & Motive

Scene 7: Opportunity & Motive

  • In the dark, a man gasps. The revolver goes off. A woman screams. 
  • Mrs. Peacock turns on the light and gasps as she drops her knife. Mr. Boddy is lying on the floor dead. 
  • Professor Plum checks Mr. Boddy’s body. Their blackmailer is dead. But who killed him? 
  • The guests accuse Professor Plum since they heard his revolver go off in the dark. But the professor claims that someone tried to take the gun from him. Besides, Mr. Boddy hasn’t been shot. The gun hit a vase on the mantle instead. 
  • If he wasn’t shot, then how did he die? Someone had to kill him. 
  • Mrs. Peacock takes a drink of brandy as Professor Plum realizes that Mr. Boddy might have been poisoned. The lady screams hysterically until Mr. Green smacks her. 
  • Just then, everyone hears a scream coming from the billiard room. The guests rush to the room and Yvette opens the door. She’s fine, but a little shaken up. After all, there is a murderer in the house. 
  • The guests tell Yvette to come back to the study with them and Wadsworth removes the reel-to-reel tape recording of their conversation. 
  • Back in he study, Wadsworth explains that he never intended anyone to die. Well, it’s a little late for that now, Wadsworth. 
  • Turns out it was the butler wrote the letters and invited everyone. See, Wadsworth and his wife were being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy, too. In fact, his wife took her own life after years of working for Mr. Boddy for free to keep him quiet. Mr. Boddy didn’t like all the un-American activities that he saw going on, so he decided to put his information to good use and make a little money. Hey, that is actually pretty American. 
  • What was Wadsworth’s wife’s crime? She had friends who were socialists. Gasp! (We’re any of them named Bernie Sanders, we wonder?) 
  • Wadsworth decided to put Mr. Boddy behind bars and end his reign of blackmail terror by getting everyone together to confront him. 
  • Okay, so that’s one mystery solved. Now who killed Mr. Boddy? The police will be here in 39 minutes. 
  • It must have been one of the people in this room, right? Who else could have done it? No one else is in the house—except the cook.

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