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Clue Scene 8: Life After Death

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Scene 8: Life After Death

Scene 8: Life After Death

  • The guests rush to the kitchen, but the cook isn’t there. Or is she? 
  • Mr. Green walks next to the pantry doors as they swing open and the cook’s body falls out with the knife stabbed right in her back. 
  • The guests take turns blaming each other. Colonel Mustard is being awfully rude. Mrs. White is a known murderer (she did have five husbands). Oh, but Mrs. Peacock had the knife. Of course, she put it down in the study. Anyone could have picked it up. 
  • Wadsworth suggests taking the cook’s body back to the study. He likes to keep the kitchen tidy, after all.• Back in the study, the guests see that Mr. Boddy’s body is gone. What? 
  • Mr. Boddy is nowhere to be found. So maybe he was the one who killed the cook? Of course, no one knows how that could have happened. 
  • Miss Scarlet snoops through the evidence file on the desk and finds some negatives of Colonel Mustard’s rendezvous with ladies of the night. 
  • Mrs. Peacock heads to the bathroom where she is attacked by the body of Mr. Boddy. This time, he’s good and dead with a bloody head wound and everything. 
  • Everyone is in an uproar and Wadsworth declares that they’ve all got to find out who killed Mr. Boddy and where and with what? Hey, sounds like a board game we know and love. He shouts so loud that the candlestick that’s resting on the top of the bathroom door falls off and knocks him in the head. Oof.

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