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Dr. No Point of View

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Point of View

Bond may have the cool car, the guns, and the girls, but we have more intel than he does.

Although Bond is our main POV character, the film sometimes breaks away from his perspective to give us a hint of events happening outside the realm of what he knows. In fact, the opening scene of the movie shows us Strangways' murder, an event Bond has no knowledge of until he is informed by M.

This type of cutaway happens later on, when we see Professor Dent visit Dr. No in his lair. It clues us in that Dent is a bad guy while Bond is still unsure of the Professor's motivations. Telling the story in this way builds suspense. It lets us know that Bond is getting himself into hot water fast. And we can scream at the screen telling him not to trust people. But does he listen?

However, both the audience and Bond are kept in the dark on the shadowy motivations of the film's titular villain. We the audience don't see Dr. No until Bond does. In the earlier scene where Dent meets with No, the villain is only heard, not seen.

In this way, the narrative technique mimics Dr. No's techniques. He's the one orchestrating the events and manipulating the information. He will only reveal himself when he thinks the time is right. And that time is whenever he says so.

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