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Dr. No Production Design

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Production Design

Part of the joy of a Bond film is traveling to exotic locales. Dr. No sets a high standard by filming on location in Jamaica. Real sand. Real surf. Real waterfalls. Real swamps. Let's hope there isn't real radiation in them, as there is in the film.

Most of the scenes were shot in Kingston, Jamaica. The Queens Club, where Strangways is shot by the Three Blind Mice, still stands as a private sports club. You can also stay at Miss Taro's villa, which is part of the Grand Lido Sans Souci Hotel. (Source)

(Make sure to lock your doors so no psychotic geologists shoot you in your sleep.)

Finally, Strangways' office, in which his secretary is murdered, was owned by the woman playing the secretary. The producers liked her house so much, they let her be in the movie. So if you own gorgeous bungalow in a tropical location, you might have the honor of getting killed in the next Bond movie. We can dream, can't we?

Wanna hear a bit of juicy post-production trivia? We'd let Ursula Andress tell you, but you wouldn't believe us if she did. Why? Because her actual voice sounds completely different. Honey was dubbed by voice actress Nikki van der Zyl in post-production. (Source)

Although Andress could speak English, the producers thought her thick accent would distract from the film. Van der Zyl took over speaking duties, while singer Diana Coupland crooned about mango trees. (Source)

If you don't have a nice enough house to lure in Bond producers, maybe you have a nice enough voice to dub a character. We'll keep dreaming.

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